10 Posts Into It, What I Now Know About Blogging

There are always people who prefer blogging. One thing is true for sure. Especially for SME’s “blogging is the centre of online activity”. In my own practice I notice at least once a week that a FB-link to a blog hardly gets any likes but the blog statistics registering hundreds of hits from FB …

Get The Message Across

This blog came as a product of a class on the foundations of Digital Communications Strategy and Social Media. These are my personal reflections and views on blogging more than ten posts into it.


As a communications consultant I have constantly encouraged clients to keep updated blogs, and load them with creative, visual and engaging content.Moment of truth: I’ve never done it for myself personally!

So far it turned out to be great and a much more rewarding experience that I ever thought blogging could be. Here are a few things that’ve I’ve learnt from this experience so far, and the wisdom that I can give to anyone considering blogging for the first time.

Don’t fret too much, just start writing

I was more worried about my WordPress theme before I even wrote anything – in fact I changed it three times before I even wrote single word. looking…

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