When the internet sucks



So here’s what I stumbled across today. An article that I feel is unnecessarily cruel and just plain bitchy. It picks on people with no real reason other than what clothes they’ve decided to wear, showing us once again how shallow and depressing parts of the internet and social media can be.

And I am fully expecting people to read my response and think ‘erm it’s a joke get over it’, and honestly I know it’s supposed to just make people laugh because obviously it’s hilarious to laugh at other people’s choices and personalities(?). But reading it just made me feel uncomfortable because some of the comments overstepped the line of ‘joking’ and walked into just plain bullying which, actually, isn’t OK (as much as bullies will tell you it is because ‘duh, it’s just a joke’).

My repulsed attraction to this article began in just reading it’s title…

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