Can You Learn Social Media Marketing in One Week?

The Jenn Narrative

Nick Smith thinks you can. He’s a digital marketing expert based in the UK and the author of Successful Social Media Marketing In A Week. He is also the author of Successful SEO and Search Marketing in a series of ‘In A Week’ business books.

I was initially drawn to this book because of the ‘in a week’ premise, with each day of the week dedicated to building on the skills of the day before while learning new strategies and techniques. Overall, this book speaks best to a small-to-medium sized business owner with a limited budget who is new to the world of social media marketing and looking to initiate their first social media campaign.

The Sunday chapter (also the first chapter) provides a helpful overarching introduction to social media marketing including:

  • Popular tools and websites
  • Social media marketing statistics (for example: did you know that Pinterest is driving…

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