How To Turn Your Facebook Addiction Into A Career

Winding Career Paths

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Kate is a Social Media Strategist at a creative agency. It’s a senior-level position in a field that, five years ago, few knew existed.

Nowadays, social strategy is a standard feature of marketing programs, but when she took a job as Community Manager at one of the first social agencies in 2009—then a small, scrappy start-up in Seattle—none of her friends understood what she was doing. Twitter had only recently taken off and Snapchat wouldn’t exist for another two years. She concedes it was a lucky time to get in, and yet it wasn’t a wily business maneuver so much as one of relevance and necessity. She needed a steady job, and posting updates to a vast network of (sometimes very loose) acquaintances was something that already came naturally to her. If not entirely a ‘soft skill’, it was often an intuitive one.

Sorry, what’s an agency exactly?

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