3 Graphs That Prove Blogging is an Important Marketing Tool

Luke Harold

Throughout the 20th century, companies advertised through short, pithy ads featuring catchy slogans. But now we’re immune to those methods. We don’t want to feel as if an addictive little jingle dictates the brands with which we choose to engage. We want more of an ongoing relationship with our favorite brands.

Blogging has emerged as one of the primary mediums to forge that relationship, and its growth speaks for itself. Here are some graphs and research to consider:

More successful companies are blogging From research conducted by UMass Dartmouth

“In 2012, 44 percent of the Inc. 500 had corporate blogs while the 2012 F500 had 28 percent,” according to the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth researchers. “With 34 percent of the F500 companies hosting corporate blogs in 2013, that gap may be closing. It is particularly interesting to see a jump of six percent in blogging for the wealthiest companies while the most recent group of…

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