What Exactly is Hyperconnectivity?


According to The Art of Immersion by Frank Rose, Hyperconnectivity is the forever increasing interconnection of individuals through social web media. Those embedded twitter timelines on Facebook profiles and other sites such as Tumblr and more?…Yes, this is considered a form of hyperconnectivity. Essentially, these interwoven thresholds of social media platforms, link sharing and search for friends based upon contacts in an individual’s address book, are ways to reach out to other individuals on the web that are outside of your social circle, but in proximity. For example, lets say that there is a majority of your family members on Facebook (elder and young). You, out of most of your family members, owna Twitter account. On this Twitter account, you have a completely different set of friends . One day, you decide to glance at the Facebook activity of your grandmother’s page to gauge how active she is on…

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