At the end it’s the money that counts

There are many incredible online marketing tools to measure the interest in a brand. But how reliable are these. The good ones provide you with an indication but again: how reliable? Usually I tell clients to deduct 30 to 40 percent because nothing is as unpredictable as the weather and the consumer.

Just one example from my own practice: A small business in the hospitality shares an own blog post on its FB-page and shares this also on 3 other regional FB-pages. It results in 7 FB-likes in total but 854 hits on the original blog post linked to Facebook and, in this case, South Africa. I can also question the reliability of the ‘Insights’ of the different FB-pages that only totalled a ‘reach’ of 503. Organising an ‘Event’ on FB is also a hazard. Usually the ‘friends/followers’ that indicate their presence don’t show up so I advise my clients to act accordingly, i.e. don’t count on it.

There are also brands and their service providers that ‘buy’ followers and likes. How structural is that? I rather go for a smaller number of followers and likes and building relationships. Let followers/friends spread the word. Nothing beats the ‘Word-of-Mouth’ and that also applies for social media. It might be different for big brands. I only have a wide experience working on social media presence of small and medium sized businesses in the service and manufacturing/craft markets and with markets geographically varying from local to global.

Van Bon Social Media
comedy, romance, action, suspense? In the end it’s the money that counts.

At the end it’s the money that counts. And that is the only reliable tool to measure. If social media does not generate additional turnover within 3 to 6 months you are either doing something wrong or social media is not the right tool to market your product or service. In the list of Top 100 companies/corporations there are at least 10 brands not presented on the WWW.

It’s as simply as that.


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