Capturing stories in images

That’s what we (incl. @Greencathedral ) are doing: Visualising the #socialmedia message

Some things are better left said

I love photography. The need to capture every important moment on film is an obsession I’ve inherited from my father. His love for the lens predates the digital revolution, of course. When we were youngsters, he had a special imported Pentax SLR camera (note the absence of the ‘D’ there, this was the regular 36 film roll non-digital camera). Our baby books and other albums are choc-a-block full of photos – carefully preserved, some black and white, some coloured and some even lovingly labelled by my mum. A treasure trove of memories.

And then the burst of digital cameras and smart phones happened. There is now an ever increasing need for photographs in a common person’s life. Facebook profiles, Whatsapp DPs, Instagram accounts, the ubiquitous #selfie.. all fuel the need to click-click-click. You come across all sorts of gems (and disasters) on any social media platform on a daily basis.

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