The Other Side Of Social Media

Soon I’ll post something about netiquette. In the meantime this. There are numerous people trying to gain personal attention via social media. Always has been. .It’s good to be aware of it.

Jaipur Beat

Be it watching a movie with friends, going on holidays, expressing our opinions on political issues, leg pulling, everything is now done and shared openly on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. We love to do this, even if it gives FOMO sometimes, even if it has suddenly woken up the travelers in us, we simply love this ‘social’ life. But have you met the other side of Social media ? The darker side? Let’s know the rules of the darker side of social media, which is trending more these days.

  1. Post something however irrational or illogical it is.
  2. Ensure that “right set of people RT or share it”
  3. Issue few supposedly strong statements or opinions.
  4. Get the media and other digital sites to publish getting influenced by the other social media sites rather than the actual source.
  5. Bask in the glory on the cost of someone else’s…

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