Between Facebook and Path

Christa Bercerita

Yesterday Google revealed their new logo. But no, I am not writing about Google. This will be a post about Facebook vs Path. As Facebook is self-explainable, Path might be less popular to those of you who are not residing in Indonesia… or simply, to our non-Indonesian friends.

Path is a mobile based social network application (yes, can only be accessed via mobile) which allow a certain limit of friends. 150, to be exact. It allows you to post photos, videos, music you’re listening to, text/thoughts/status, and update your location. So it is like having Facebook, Foursquare, and blog in the same app. As per this article, it has over 5 million users in which 4 million of them are based in Indonesia. Path is very popular between Indonesian youth especially those in bigger cities. It is so popular in my network too, starting around 2 years ago. My friends were downloading Path…

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