Breaking Away From Distractions

make plans, set a goal and help yourself

Distractions are common in professional settings, now more than ever. With social media and technology use at an all time high, it’s difficult to stay focused on the task at hand, especially as a young adult.

Concentration is key to staying professional. Whether it’s a post-secondary or work situation, the ability to focus helps not only how efficient you can be, but also the quality of your work.

Students asked to give up social media for a day had phantom phone vibrations, fidgeting and restlessness, and found themselves reaching for a phone that wasn’t there.

Research in 2011 shows that our attention spans have gone from 12 minutes to 5 minutes and social media and technology is said to be the cause.

Every time we start a new task, the brain has to reorient itself.

Other stats, such as the ones below, show how difficult it’s becoming for humans and…

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