Elbows off the table and stop posting PDA on Facebook.

PDA is the abbreviation of Personal Digital Assistant. In this blog post it stands for: public displays of affection

Bradshaw's Apprentice

There are many rules and regulations in regards to media use, such as those pesky terms and conditions that we pretend we’ve read on our social media platforms, and the fact that piracy is actually illegal. However, there are also a variety of unspoken rules and regulations – especially when it comes to the use of social media;

These rules aren’t actually enforced by anyone in a position of power or authority, but they’re pretty much followed and respected – in most cases, anyway. We need a set of social media rules in order to prevent absolute chaos online. That may sound dramatic, but can you imagine a world with absolutely no rules and regulations on social media? Yeah, there are people who don’t follow these rules and don’t like their friends’ Instagram pictures and fill our newsfeeds with sickening PDA, but imagine if everyone was like that! I honestly don’t…

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