Why The Message of Social Media Should Have Been to be Yourself to Begin With

It Girl

By now you’ve probably heard of 18 year old instagram star Essena O’Neill–That is if you’ve had your ear to the ground. The teen announced this week that she was deleting her instagram account  of over 600,000 followers after claiming that the posts she claims took hundreds of shots to get and clothes she was paid to wear were all so fake. So why not stand behind this righteous teenager who is making the claim of being true to yourself?

Because with every “brave attempt” comes a counter fire.

Teens across the board are calling out the “brave attempt” and claiming that social media should always have been about being yourself. Shortly after O’Neill’s announcement, popular instagram account SocalityBarbie quit the race as well. For those unfamiliar, Socality Barbie was an account that used a Barbie doll to poke fun at the way that some people take instagram way too…

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