Sensory Marketing

See, feel, smell and listen …. Social Media is only capable of letting the audience experience 2 of the 4

Marketing by Paulaart18

SONY DSC Photos taken by me: Photo on Flickr


Sensory Marketing was a final choice of my Master’s dissertation. I knew that I want to write about consumer behaviour and roaming around topic directed me to sensory cues and its influence on consumers behaviour in retail environment.

[Excerpt from my dissertation] The aim for the research was to understand customer’s shopping behaviour  stimulated by the sensory cues within the retail environment. The research project focuses on human senses and their susceptibility to be stimulated by retailers. It will also investigate differences in stimuli perception in food (eg. grocery shop) and non-food environment ( eg. clothing shop).

Sensory Marketing is a quite new field of Marketing which evolved from experiential marketing. It involves understanding customers from deeper, more emotional side and demonstrates how human brain works. Stimulation of particular sensory cues may direct people to undertake particular actions. As human senses…

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