How do typed words have verbal tone?


Someone show me what “passive aggressive” looks like on social media. What does anger look like? Are we just preconceiving these things based on what we want to think or is there actually tone in words that have no voice? Such a puzzling concept. Context is everything in words with no voice. If I say “I know” versus “I KNOW” does that somehow make the two different? Evidently for me if I capitalize something in a story, it portrays the person yelling. If I don’t capitalize it, it sounds vague and without emotion. If I say “I know!” then am I trying to say that in a rude way or is it more excitement? What if I say “I know?” it somehow portrays inconvenience for that person. But now days, in order to show you mean no harm, everybody wants a fake “Laugh out loud” at the end of something…

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