Digital and Social Media Marketing – Buyer Persona Development (part III)

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Before we start creating content for digital images, video, text, sound – we have to think who this content is targeted at – and this is where we have a concept of something that’s called a “buyer persona.”

A Buyer Persona (BP) is a fictional individual who is developed by an organization based on the organization’s researched profile of its typical customer. Not necessarily transacting but certainly “buying into your content”.

Persona Name
• Personal Details
o Background
o Job/Hobby details (B2C) or key job responsibilities (B2B)
o Role in purchase process, how are decisions made
• Communication mix
o Main sources of information (where personas do their research)
o Preferred content medium (how do they like to absorb content)
o Marketing message (messaging speaking directly to this persona)
• Goals and main points
o Goals
o Challenges/pain points, emotions accompanying those challenges (e.g. issues facing during…

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